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A Letter From Our Editor

When the global pandemic first bit down hard, Phoenix New Times was celebrating its 50th anniversary. These days we’re continuing where we never left off: as the independent voice of the Valley.

We are your place for fearless investigative reporting; a kaleidoscope of food, music, arts, cannabis, and culture coverage; and ideas on things to do to get the most out of our city.

We’ll continue to shine a light on the wicked, laud the deserving, and tell those quirky stories about some of the colorful characters who live here. We’ve all been through a wringer, with a lingering pandemic and economic turmoil. Here, we’re feeling the effects of longer-term threats, both political and economic, to a free and functioning press.

But, hey, New Times isn’t going anywhere. We reach more readers than ever before, and our investigative reporting continues to hold the powerful accountable and give voice to the overlooked. The New Times "I Support" membership campaign is our solution for how to maintain that level of quality journalism.

If you make a financial contribution, you can opt to hear directly from me from time to time. Once you’ve contributed, an option will appear on your member profile page allowing you to receive occasional letters regarding some of the Phoenix New Times stories you’ve already read, as well as developments at New Times itself.

We hope you’ll consider joining up. We’re grateful for your support.

Sean Holstege

Editor in Chief

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